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Our lives are not easy.  In a world that places great demands on time and energy, we are left exhausted and in pain.  Pain that appears on the physical surface, lives also in our mental psyche and may even have deep roots on emotional/energetic levels. Exhaustion and pain left unexamined and unattended can lead us to a dark place where quick fixes and bad choices can create great harm.

Holistic healing is an approach seeded in ancient practices.  The application of these practices begin first with being heard by compassionate, trained ears.  Your open mind helps further the healing process. Holistic healing cares for the mind and body simultaneously. When mind and body begin to take care of each other spirit reawakens and healing begins.

Through massage, energy work & bodywork (Pilates, yoga, QiGong) the mind/body link now encourages Restoration, Rejuvenation, Renewal and the Rebirth of Spirit.

I am a Wellness Consultant.  My work is to hear and see you as you are without judgment. Some days you may just need me to Hold Space.  On other days perhaps professional massage or Reiki may be what best serves you, or perhaps a yoga practice with guided meditation.  I have a tool box...a holistic toolbox that contains Homeopathic remedies.  Help lies in this toolbox.  Perhaps it is time for you to learn how to put together your own holistic toolbox?  Let me show you how.  If you are interested in learning how to reshape and reboot this existence, reach out to me.  And if you don't know where to begin, begin with scheduling a massage!

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