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Restore your healthy glow~Replenish your spirit.


Listen to your body.  If you respond to its whispers, you won't have to endure it's cries. ~ Palmer


Massage will relax you, loosen tight muscles, increase blood and lymph circulation, reduce mental stress and speed healing from injuries.  You will leave a massage feeling rejuvenated.

Pilates is an exercise that enables you to give yourself the same benefits of a massage.  Pilates stretches and loosens the muscles.  You will build strength as you become more flexible.  Your balance will improve as well as your posture.  The deep breathing associated with Pilates will help you relax.  A disciplined, well practiced Pilates routine will help the benefits of your massage last until your next scheduled massage session.  Pilates is a mind/body exercise which encourages the communication between the two. This will help promote your awareness of your body and it's needs.  With the addition of modifications and challenges, everyone can benefit from learning Pilates.  I am trained to safely teach you how it can be done.

Allow me to help you build a healthy body and mind by adding both Massage and Pilates to your daily lifestyle!

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